November is Rotary Foundaton Month
November is Rotary Foundaton Month

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A site as large as District 5420's may sometimes be difficult if not impossible to navigate effectively. Attempting to locate the specific material you may be looking for can be impossible at times. In order to ensure your site visit is a pleasant one, please use the index below. Simply click what you are looking for and you will be immediately be directed to that location of the webpage. Thanks and happy surfing!


52 Rotary Moments

52 TRF Facts

5420 Strategic Plan

Annual Fund, TRF

Application, New Club Form

Areas of Focus, Rotary

Art Klump Member

Assembly, District 

Assistant District Governors 

Attendance, Club

Avenues of Service

Award, Club of the Year

Award, RI Vocational Service Leadership

Award, Rotarian of the Year

Award, Service Above Self

Award, TRF Citation for Meritorious Service

Award, TRF Distinguished Service Award

Awards, Rotary Youth Leadership

Awards, TRF

Background, Computer Wallpaper 

Become a Member

Benefits, Membership 

Bio, District Governor 

Biographical Information District Governor

Biographical Information District Governor-Elect 

Biographical Information District Governor-Nominee 

Business Directory 

Calendar, District 

Campaign, Polio 

Card, Invitation to attend Club Meeting

Charts, Membership 

Charter Dates, Club

Citation, Presidential 

Citation for Meritorious Service Award, TRF

Club Application Form, New

Club Attendance

Club Charter Dates 

Club Foundation Giving Level 

Club IRS Information 

Club Locator 

Club Meeting Locations

Club of the Year Award

Club Presidents 

Club Visits by the District Governor

Club Websites 

Clubs, Rotary

Committee, Membership 

Computer Background or Screen Savers

Conference, District 

Constitution Template New Club

Contact Us

Contributions and Gifts, TRF  

Contributors to the Rotary Foundation 

Convention, Rotary International 

Dates, Club Charter 

Dictionary Project – Rotary Partnership

Directory – Business 

Distinguished Service Award, TRF

District 5420 Strategic Plan

District Assembly 

District Calendar

District Conference 

District Events 

District Governor 

District Governor Message 

District Governor Nominee 

District Governor-Elect

District Grants

District Grants Video Training

District Leadership

District MOP

District Newsletter 

Elect – District Governor 


Event, Post a Club Event 

Events, District 

Exchange, Rotary Youth

Form, District Grants

Form, Membership Tracking

Form, New Club Application

Form, Prospective Membership Sheet

Forms – TRF

Forms, District Grants 

Forms, Globe Grant 

Foundation Committee 

Foundation Grants 

Foundation, The Rotary 

Giving, Club Level 

Global Grants 

Governing Docs, New Clubs

Governor, Assistant District 

Governor, District

Grants, District 

Grants, Foundation 

Grants, Training

Growing Membership in Rotary Clubs

History of Membership 

Incentive Program, Membership

Information, Club IRS 

Inspirational Videos, Rotary Moments

Institute, Leadership

Institute, Rotary Leadership 


Invitation to attend Club Meeting Card

IRS, Club Information 

Join Rotary

Leadership Institute

Leadership, District 

Level of Club Giving, TRF 

Listing of Contributors to The Rotary Foundation 

Listing of District Leadership Team 

Listing, Past District Governors 

Locations, Club Meeting 

Locator, Club 

Manual of Procedure

Materials, Membership Zone

Meeting Schedule, TRF 

Meeting, Club locations 

Mentoring a Youth


Membership Benefits 

Membership Charts 

Membership Committee 

Membership in Rotary 

Membership Incentive Program

Membership Plan

Membership Tools

Membership, Growing Clubs

Membership, Join Rotary

Membership, Zone Materials

Message, District Governor 

Moments, Rotary

Monthly Themes, Rotary International 


New Club By-Law Template

New Club Constitution Template

New Member Orientation Curriculum

Newsletter, District

Nominee, District Governor 

Orientation of New Members

Past District Governor Listing 

Paul Harris Fellow 

Paul Harris Society 



Plan, Membership

Plan, Strategic District 5420

Points, Foundation Recognition 

Polio Campaign 

Post a Club Event 

President-Elect Training Seminar

Presidential Citation

Presidents, Club 

Program, Mentoring Youth

Program, Membership Incentive

Programs, Youth Service

Project, Dictionary – Rotary Partnership

Prospective Membership New Club Form

Reasons to Belong to Rotary

Recognition Points 


Rotarian of the Year Award

Rotarian, Mentoring a Youth

Rotary Areas of Focus

Rotary Clubs 

Rotary Foundation, Contributors

Rotary International Convention 

Rotary Leadership Institute 

Rotary Partnership – Dictionary Project

Rotary Partnership – Shelter Box

Rotary Partnership – Youthlinc

Rotary International Monthly Themes

Rotary International Vocational Service Leadership Award

Rotary Youth Exchange

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards


Schedule – District Governor Visits 

Schedule, Meeting TRF 

Service Above Self Award 

Sheet, Prospective Membership Form

Shelter Box – Rotary Partnership

Six Areas of Focus, Rotary

Screen Savers, Computer

Strategic Plan, District 5420

Suggested Membership Plan

Team, District Leadership 

Template, New Club

Theme, Monthly Rotary Internationl 

The Rotary Foundation (TRF) 

Tools, Membership

Tracking Form, Membership

TRF Annual Fund 

TRF Awards 

TRF Ciation for Meritorious Service Award

TRF Distinguished Service Award

TRF Meeting Schedule 

Training, Grants

Utah Youth Mentoring Program

Videos, Rotary Moments

Visioning, Leadership Institute

Visits, District Governor Club 

Wallpaper, Computer 

Websites, Club

Youth Exchange

Youth Service Programs

Youthlinc – Rotary Partnership

Zone Membership Materials

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