November is Rotary Foundaton Month
November is Rotary Foundaton Month

Positive Peace for Youth in Colombia (AND Utah!)





District 5420's commitment as International Sponsor of the "Positive Peace for Colombian Youth" Global Grant has given us a unique and highly beneficial opportunity. In addition for improving the lives of an

incalculable number of Colombians, we have been invited to participate by sending two Rotaractors and a Rotarian to one of the workshops to bring what they learn home!


We have set up an application process, outlined here. Please read and follow the directions carefully. Deadline for applications is December 15. It will take several days, so be sure to start immediately if you wish to complete the requirements.


The grant application has been approved and the project is moving full speed ahead. We are asking for all 32 clubs and more than a dozen individual sponsors of the grant to send your checks TO OUR COMMITTEE. This is the only way for us to track them. Where to mail is at bottom of the page. 





Colombia is at a crucial point in history. While it currently ranks 146 out of 163 countries in the 2017 Global Peace Index, there is great potential for peace. With the signing of the Colombian peace agreement, one of the world's longest armed conflicts had come to an end. Now, the real peace process -- to build lasting and sustainable peace -- begins.


Rotary is helping shape the Colombian peace process by leveraging its networks and engaging key stakeholders -- especially young Colombian peacemakers -- to identify ways to build peace at the local level.


The four peace workshops scheduled for March and April 2019 in regions of Colombia have the goal of strengthening young leaders' knowledge and skills in building peace, expanding and enhancing their work in favor of more resilient and peaceful communities in Colombia.



The OBJECTIVES of “Positive Peace for Colombian Youth” are to:


  • Enhance knowledge and skills of Positive Peace among participants to promote the building and sustaining of peace in Colombia.
  • Build a broader, stronger network of young leaders who are allied, well-equipped and committed to strengthening peace in their communities.
  • Equip participants with methodologies, practical tools, and frameworks to devise innovative solutions for promoting Positive Peace within their spheres of influence.


Additionally, the workshops seek to more strongly connect participants with Rotarians and related projects. This will enable Rotarians to engage workshop participants, and leverage their newly learned knowledge and skills in practical, actionable ways, as well as to connect in the near future with Rotary resources, support, and funding. These participants, in turn, serve as ideal candidates for the Rotary Peace Fellowship and Rotary groups.





We have been invited to send two Rotaractors and one Rotarian to attend the Bogota workshop March 1-3. The Rotaractors will actually participate in the Positive Peace training, and the Rotarian will be an adult observer. All three will be expected to have a plan for bringing what they learn back to Utah.


Our goal is to cover most if not all of the cost of this trip. Housing will be split between homes of Colombian Rotarians/Rotaractors and hotels. The trip will last 5 days, with one day of touring with Colombian guides.


We are currently raising money to assist the Rotaractors with their expenses, and to cover at least a portion of the cost for the Rotarian. If you or your club would like to sponsor the Utah Rotary to Colombia project, please call Kris Swanson at 970-309-3353 or email her here. As primary contact for both the grant and the trip, she can answer any questions.





  1. All three must be fluent Spanish speakers in order to fully understand and engage with the information being presented.
  2. All applicants must complete Rotary's online Peace Academy in order to fill out the application and be prepared for the workshops.
  3. All applicants must complete the online application by midnight December 15th, 2018 to be considered.
  4. All applicants must be prepared to participate in either a live or online interview with the grant committee.
  5. All three individuals sent to Colombia must be prepared to bring what they learn home and implement it in Utah.


To apply, click here for the online application.



Additional Resources:

Learn more about measuring peace and download the Institute for Economics and Peace's Global Peace Index, Global Terrorism Index and other reports on their website


Where to send checks in support of the grant: (read carefully)
Club checks need to be made out to: Murray Rotary Club Foundation.
Individual checks need to be made out to: The Rotary Foundation (be sure the member’s  Rotary ID is on the check.)
The committee is collecting all the checks so all monies are sent in together and properly credited. Once all club checks are received we will wire that money in a bulk sum.  Individual checks will be mailed with a contribution form to The Rotary Foundation in one envelope. This is the only way we can be sure all 44 checks are properly managed and credited.
ALL checks must be mailed to:
Kris Swanson
PO Box 981252
Park City, UT 84098

Please let me know if you have any questions! 970-309-3353.



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