November is Rotary Foundaton Month
November is Rotary Foundaton Month



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“Somehow the world is hungry for goodness and recognizes it when it sees it. There’s something in all of us that hungers after the good and the true.”


Archbishop Desmond Tutu


The most reliable place to look for “the good and the true” is to the ethical teachings that are shared in common by the world’s great religions and by many good people who do not identify with any religion.

In our troubled world the shared truths can be a beacon of hope, the foundation of a critically-needed global morality of peace, the social glue that binds people of all nations together in a great global brotherhood/sisterhood of goodwill, and a Unifying Standard we can all rally around to build a better world.
In your own life, the shared truths can be a powerful affirmation of ethical truths from your own religion or beliefs, an anchor to your soul, and the most reliable springboard for your search for truth and meaning. They can increase appreciation for your own faith and the faith of others.

Living those truths more completely leads to finding more meaning, fulfillment, and personal peace and is The Path to world peace.

Slow down. Take a little time to ponder these things. Then join with us. We (including you) owe it to ourselves, to each other, and to the young and rising generations to rally around that unifying standard and make the world more like the world we want to see. Let’s do it!


You may not be responsible for world peace, but you are responsible for your piece.™


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