November is Rotary Foundaton Month
November is Rotary Foundaton Month

                                              Dictionary Project

Rotarians and their clubs throughout District 5420 have distributed dictionaries to 3rd grade students in Utah by partnering with the Dictionary Projects. Partnering with other worthy projects are totally appropriate in clubs. Clubs should thoroughly check out the tax status and the business practices of an organization prior to forming partnerships.


NOTE: While a wonderful program, Dictionary Project is not a Rotary program and whether a club decides to partnership with the Dictionary Project is completely dependent on the wishes of the club.

The special student dictionaries feature reference information including:

    • Countries and capitols of the world
    • States and capitols of the United States
    • Presidents of the United States
    • Planets of the solar system
    • Basic sign language

In addition to the updated collection words and definitions, one of the unique items in the book is “The Longest Word in the English Language,” (a protein) which contains 1,909 letters – yes, one thousand, nine hundred nine LETTERS!  This is always a source of intrigue and amazement for the children.

We welcome corporate sponsorship and private donation to support literacy projects in Rotary District 5420.  For more information, please contact Paul Askins, District 5420 Literacy Chair.  



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