November is Rotary Foundaton Month
November is Rotary Foundaton Month

                                                   Retention Cards


The concept between retention cards is simple. When most Rotarians miss their Rotary meeting, their absence goes unnocticed. If this occurs too many times, it is easy to drop out of Rotary.


A retention card is a good way to let a member s/he is missed. In addition, when Rotarians are signing the retention card during the Rotary meeting it reenforces that attendance at Rotary is an important part of being a Rotarians as well as reminding a Rotarian of why s/he is a Rotarians.


NOTE: These cards are designed to be folded in half and then folded over and then mailed to the Rotarian. See the instructional video at the bottom of this page for additional information on folding the card.


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