November is Rotary Foundaton Month
November is Rotary Foundaton Month

Polio Plus


Rotarian's in District 5420 fully support the elimination of Polio throughout the world.  The elimination of Polio has been the world wide, top priority of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation since 1985.  It is a cause that cannot cease, for if one case is left unattended, the dreadful virus could once again spread throughout the world maiming and killing untold numbers of those we sincerely care about. 


As an opportunity to help eliminate polio, Rotary clubs have been asked to donate certain amounts in the past, sometimes being $1,000 per Rotary club.  The District 5420 Foundation Committee has determined that for our district it would be fair to all if the amount requested was broken down to individual Rotarian's.  In this district, that amount is $32.00 per Rotarian per year.  We want the job done and done completely, without any lingering potential of the vile virus returning.  It is therefore important for each Rotarian to do his or her part in supporting Polio Plus.  This effort is separate and above the kind, generous donations to the Annual Fund, which are also so needed.  As we see from our Rotarian Magazine, advertisements and other sources,  "We are this Close", with our thumb and finger almost touching. 

To keep updated on the lasted cases of polio throughout the world, type in "Global Polio Eradication" on your internet connection.  Currently, as of May 2015, you will see that of the three remaining endemic countries, only Pakistan with 23 WPV cases (as compared with 67 WPV and 19 cVDPV cases at this time last year - May) and Afghanistan with 2 WPV cases (as compared with 4  WPV and no cVDPV cases at this time last year - May) and most outstandingly, Nigeria, with no cases of either type reported so far this year (as compared with 3 WPV cases and 4 cVDPV cases at this time last year - May) are left to conquer.  This is truly exciting news.  And it is truly important news to Rotarian's who are on the battle front until the war against polio is won.  Yes, it is most important that we don't ignore this project, but rather finish it until the matter is done, done properly and done completely!




Polio Plus Video Resources


It is important that every Rotary club has the tools and tactics needed to fulfill our goal of eradicating polio worldwide. These two new videos that have been developed to help ensure that your club is in-the-know about the global fight to eradicate polio and Rotary’s decades-long role in that effort.


Click HERE to watch

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