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Levels of Gifting & Recognitions
Sustaining Member
Paul Harris Fellow
Paul Harris Society
Major Donors
Arch Klump Society
Foundation Recognition Points
Matching Points Availability
The Endowment Fund and Estate Planning
World Fund
Rotary Peace Centers


Levels of Gifting and Recognitions


The Rotary Foundation has several levels of gifting and likewise several levels of recognition.  Besides pins, ribbons and banners, The Rotary Foundation recognizes contributions to the Annual Fund, Polio Plus or an approved Global Grant by giving Foundation recognition points to the contributor.  One recognition point is given for each US dollar donated.  As described below, these points can be gifted by the contributor to another individual to help that individual advance in the Paul Harris Fellow program.  The levels of giving and recognition are as follows:


1.   EREY - Meaning Every Rotarian Every Year.  Each Rotarian does what he or she can do financially each year.  There is no set amount.  A recognition point is given for each US dollar donated.


2.   Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member - Meaning the Rotarian gives at least a minimum of US $100 each year.  In District 5420 the average per capita amount of gifting for sustaining members as of the end of the Rotary year 2015 is $105.  A goal for each Rotary Club would be to increase the per capita amount at least one penny each year or better yet, some higher appropriate amount.


3.   Paul Harris Fellow - A Paul Harris Fellow is a person who has attained a Recognition Level of 1,000.  Recognition Level is the accumulation of dollars they have donated to The Rotary Foundation plus Recognition points gifted to them by another member, a club, or the District.  There are levels of being a Paul Harris Fellow, such as Paul Harris Fellow plus one, plus two, plus three, etc until one reaches a Paul Harris Fellow plus eight, meaning the individual has attained a Recognition Level of 9,000.


4.   Paul Harris Society - A Paul Harris Society Member gives $1,000 or more each year.  Go to the FOUNDATION FORMS page to download the file "Paul Harris Society Info and Application" which provides more detail and an application form.



5.   Major Donors - When a person gives a total of $10,000, that individual becomes a Major Donor.  There are four levels of Major Donors.  They are from: $10,000 to $24,999, $25,000 to $49,999, $50,000 to $99,999 and $100,000 to $249,999.


6.   Arch Klumph Society - There are three levels of the Arch Klumph Society.  The Arch Klumph Society Trustees Circle is $250,000 to $499,999.  The Arch Klumph Chairs Circle is $500,000 to $999,999 and the Arch Klumph Foundation Circle is $1,000,000 and above.


Foundation Recognition Points


Recognition points are received by an individual, a Rotary Club or the Rotary District for each US dollar they donate to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund, Polio Plus or an Approved Global Grant .  It is important for an individual donating to The Rotary Foundation to receive recognition points.  It is not proper for a Rotary club officer to group individual donations into one contribution and send that contribution in as a Rotary Club donation.  The Rotary Club will receive recognition points, but the individuals will not receive recognition points.  If this is done, it will not be possible to keep track and properly recognize the individual for his or her contributions.  Foundation recognition points are only used to help a Rotarian or someone else attain a Paul Harris Fellow status.  Recognition points can be an excellent tool to recognize family members, community leaders or others as transferring 1,000 points will make them a Paul Harris Fellow.  This can create wonderful, positive publicity for the Rotary organization.


1.   Recognition points can only be transferred one time and must be transferred in a minimum of 100 points.  They may only be transferred to an individual to increase that individual's Recognition Level for the Paul Harris Fellow award system.  An individual, a Rotary Club or the Rotary District with recognition points can transfer them to an individual.


2.   Paul Harris Fellow Recognition Transfer Request Form

Go to the FOUNDATION FORMS page to download this form.


Foundation Recognition Point Availability From District 5420


District 5420 has a large number of Foundation Recognition Points available for matching donations to the Annual Fund.  These are made available to encourage members to join Rotary Direct, the recurring donation program of The Rotary Foundation, and/or to become a Paul Harris Fellow or Paul Harris Fellow +.  Here are the conditions for obtaining a match:


Rotary Direct:  Any new Rotary Direct commitment of $100 or more will be matched 2 points per dollar donated.  The amount matched will be the total committed for the entire first year.


Paul Harris Fellow (1 point/$ version):  Any one-time donation that takes the member's Recognition Level half way to the Paul Harris Fellow or next higher Paul Harris Fellow level with be matched 1 point per dollar, thus achieving the goal of advancing to Paul Harris Fellow or Paul Harris Fellow +.


Paul Harris Fellow (2 points/$ version):  Any Rotary Direct commitment that takes the member's Recognition Level one third of the way to the Paul Harris Fellow or next higher Paul Harris Fellow level with be matched 2 points per dollar to the first year's Rotary Direct commitment, thus achieving the goal of advancing to Paul Harris Fellow or Paul Harris Fellow +.


The procedure for obtaining one of these Point matches is as follows.  Email a copy of the donation form or the Rotary Direct acknowledgement form from The Rotary Foundation to Errol EerNisse at  The matching points will be submitted at the end of each month.


Any question?  Email Errol or call his cell phone 801 201 1335



<< New text box >>The Endowment Fund and Estate Planning


The Rotary Foundation established an Endowment Fund with the goal of having enough income in the future to continue, and enhance, the good that Rotary can do in the world. The Rotary Foundation has many ways to donate either directly, or through a Will or Living Trust, Charitable Remainder Trust, Retirement plan, life insurance, Donar advised fund, etc.


Contact for details and help with the Endowment Fund:


Shirlene Bastar

Endowment Chair 



The Power Point Presentation below efficiently describes all of this in easy to read format.


The Endowment Fund
This Power Point describes The Endowment Fund and all the ways to participate.
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30 Years of Women in Rotary - Flyer
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