November is Rotary Foundaton Month
November is Rotary Foundaton Month



 Utah's Rotary Clubs


Rotary clubs are part of Rotary International, a service club organization founded in 1905 in Chicago by an attorney, Paul P. Harris. In its present day form, over 35,000 Rotary clubs exist, in more than 200 countries and geographical areas. The Rotary motto is “service above self,” which relates to service in the community, workplace and the world. Rotary clubs are comprised of business and professional leaders who serve the community in which the club is located.


In Utah, Rotary clubs spreadout through the entire state from Logan to St. George, Vernal to Blanding. For a complete list, click meeting locations to your left. 


Individuals are invited to be members of Rotary, or Rotarians, as members are referred to. The criterion for Rotary club membership includes a reputation of good personal character, as well as business, professional or community reputation. Rotary club candidates must also fit into one of three categories. These categories include those who have participated in the Rotary Foundation, those who serve or have served as a community leader, and those who hold, or has held, and executive position in any worthy and recognized business or profession.


Rotary club membership is open to people of all cultures, creeds and races. The organization is not politically or religiously oriented. Until 1989, the membership was entirely male. As of 2007, there are more than 145,000 female members.

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